hands and feet

hands and feet

Mii Manicure and Pedicure from Gerrard International

Nails have their own biology just like hair and skin. The complete Mii manicure and pedicure including statement gel focuses on caring for the natural nail, with a bespoke regime unique to the needs of the individual.

Mii’s tried and tested prescriptive treatment nurtures nails, cuticles and skin to deliver outstanding results.

The formulas are blended with a multitude of high-quality active ingredients.

Antioxidants and brightening:
Vit C, Blueberry, Rosemary, Buddleja, Lactic acid and Glycolic Acid
Calming and Soothing:
Thyme and Chamomile.
Shea butter, Argan oil, Aloe Vera Coconut, Sweet Almond Oil, Red Alge, Hyaluronic Acid.

Treat Mii Manicure £25 (45 mins)

Maintenance manicure including cleanse, exfoliation, cuticle work, massage, file and polished with a colour of your choice.

Indulge Mii Manicure £28 (60 mins)

Deluxe manicure including cleanse, exfoliation, mask, cuticle work, massage and file and polish with a colour of your choice.

Fly-By Mii £15 (25 mins)

Cuticle work, file and polish for a quick mini pamper or an add on treatment.

Gel soak off polish from Jessica and Mii statement gel
Self-levelling formula, simple application techniques. Up to 21 days extended wear – high shine, chip-resistant with intense colour.
Flawlessly dry in seconds no smudging.
Protects the natural nail – gives weak, bitten or problem nails the chance to grow.
Available in over 125 colours.
Full prep of the nails for a flawless finish.
Full set of gel overlays on the hands £ 28 (45 mins)
Full set of gel overlays with Mii Treat manicure £35 (75 mins)
Full set of gel overlays on the toes£25 (45 mins)
Gel toes with Mii Treat Pedicure£35 (45 mins)
Gel removal with file and tidy £15 

Home removal kits available to purchase


Cuticle work, file and polish on the toes for a quick mini pamper or add on treatment.

£15 (25 mins)

Mii Treat Pedicure

Maintenance pedicure including soak, dry skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle work,
and massage finished with perfectly polished toes.

£28 (60 mins)
Mii Indulge Pedicure
All of the above with the added luxury of mask, hot booties polish or gel finish.
£40 (75 mins)
Elim is a medical-grade pedicure treatment that uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.

30 Min Express Pedicure

Calluses are softened with the tonic. The tonic changes the PH level on the skin which
enables the hard skin to melt away. The feet are then returned to their PH with a neutraliser.
Foot protector is applied and toes painted.

£25 (30 mins)

60 Min Elim Full Pedicure

Like above the tonic is applied to remove any callused area revealing soft smooth feet.
Once the neutraliser has been applied the feet are then exfoliated and a mask is applied.
Feet are soaked, mask removed and massaged. Nails and cuticles are tidied and then
painted with a colour of your choice.

£38 (60 mins)

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