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Katherine Daniels Cosmetics

Conceptually a British skincare brand Katherine Daniels offers a collection of salon treatments and home care products for your face and body, lovingly developed by two British women.

We know that choosing the right product for your skin should be based on more than just your skin type genetics and the cooler climate in which you live, as well as your environment and often your lifestyle are all key factors in defining your skin type and its condition. To be able to nurture and care for your skin, you need specialist care and protection from a host of aggressors that challenge your skin on a daily basis, as well as the right ingredients to be able to nourish and protect your skin.

At Katherine Daniels we have worked hard to “de-mystify” skin. How you care for your skin is simple, thanks to our step by step product guidance and colour coding, offering ease of use and product recognition. Whilst you can expect outstanding results from our truly luxurious salon treatments, we ensure your daily regime is quick, simple and effective. At Katherine Daniels we take what is achievable and make it possible.

With access to the very best science has to offer, we take full advantage of the latest techniques for combining highly technical ingredients to give you the very best anti – ageing results, offering you undeniable effectiveness from the first application.

We believe that life began in the ocean, so we have also chosen to go back to our rich origins and use algaes and seaweeds to repair and protect the skin. We bathe your skin in an abundance of skin perfecting Trace Elements and Minerals from the Sea Water. Along with these, we incorporate the finest ingrediants that Mother Nature gave us from the land, with plant and vegetal ingredients, to nurture caress and care for your skin.

Facial Treatments

Skin Bespoke Treatment £43 (60 mins)

Tailor made to suit your skins needs, it includes exfoliation, massage and mask.

Deep Cleansing Skin Treatment £43 (60 mins)

A treatment developed to deep cleanse and detoxify your skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with a refined skin texture and reduction to pore size. Your skin will be indulged in 60 minutes of pure bliss and you will enjoy two Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences.

Age Defence Sensitive Skin Treatment £48 (60 mins)

A treatment developed for fragile and sensitive issues, your skin will be calmed and soothed, strengthened and more able to defend itself against premature ageing. You will be indulged in 60 mins of pure bliss and experience two Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences whilst your skin receives the ultimate result driven treatment.
For long term effectiveness a course of four at one per week is recommended.

Energising Radiant Experience £48 (60 mins)

This treatment will deliver energising and firming minerals and increase moisture levels to plump the skin leaving a translucent radiance. Ideal pre special occasions or a much needed skin boost.

Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating Treatment £48 (60 mins)

A treatment developed to hydrate the natural oil levels if they are under active. Your skin will be hydrated, supple smooth, open pores reduced and more able to defend itself against premature ageing. You will be indulged in 60 mins of pure bliss and experience two Katherine Daniels relaxation sequences whilst your skin receives the ultimate result driven treatment.

The Skin Perfecting Anti Oxidant Treatment £49.50 (60 mins)
A double masked treatment full of powerful  superfoods rich in cell protecting anti oxidants along with vitamin C, for skin luminosity and to boost your collagen and elastin production. Fuco white will regulate patchy pigmentation and uneven skintone.
After one treatment your skins mechanisms will be ignited, your skin will perfectly hydrated and luminous in appearance with a more even colour and perfect complexion.
The Age Defence Resurfacing Treatment £45 (60 mins)
During this treatment we use a cocktail of skin resurfacing ingredients. This will reduce the depth of lines, help to remove the appearance of scar tissue and even out colour. Thanks to powerful ingredients we energise your skin functions revealing a new skin effect which is smooth plumb and even in tone.
You must protect your skin from UV after this treatment, we advise you to use our Daily DNA SPF30
The Anti Ageing Deluxe Eye Treatment £43 (60 mins)
A deluxe eye treatment for the complete eye area to reduce puffiness and dark circles and capture every frown and smile line. Your complete eye area will be revitalised, hydrated plumped and bright.
The Instant Eye Effect treatment £15 (20 mins)
The ultimate add on treatment to enjoy while your having a manicure or pedicure. Your eye area will be visibly plumped, firm smooth and hydrated.

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